Mission Statement
Holy Family, a Eucharistic community, invites its young people and adults to serve at the table of the Lord.  Altar Servers help facilitate our Eucharistic liturgies in a regular and reverent manner.

About the Ministry
Serving the people of God while we worship in the church is a way of growing closer to God. We cannot see God. But when we do something for God’s people, we give worship and honor to God and encounter the living God.
Serving at the Altar is a special privilege.  Altar Servers are close to the altar as they serve the priest, they carry the cross, they carry the light of Christ as the Gospel is proclaimed.  Our young altar servers wear the robe of baptism (the alb),which is a sign of their position in the community as baptized people.  They hold the book of the prayers (the Roman Missal), and they help the priest at the altar.  How wonderful this is!

This ministry is open to anyone who has entered the fifth grade or older. Being an Altar Server is a liturgical function, therefore one must be a baptized and Eucharistic Catholic.  It is out of one’s baptism into the Body of Christ that they are called to this ministry. Some Holy Family Altar Servers have served well into their high school careers.
Once one has been trained, Altar Servers work with a team of five or six servers.  As a team each server chooses which function they will do at the given Eucharistic Celebration.  There are 23 teams for our Sunday Masses—this allows each team to serve every mass once during a three month season.  Of course one may volunteer to serve more often!

Training:  Training for Altar Servers is two initial 60 minute training sessions. Other sessions may be held throughout the year, generally held Sunday afternoon or at the availability of the coordinator.

Each year, our very best altar servers are invited to the Altar Server Luncheon, and each year we have a special outing for our best servers.

Volunteer Ministry Opportunity
Purpose of the Altar Server
To assist the priest/presider during the Mass/Liturgy


  • Be willing to serve about once a month and rotate through all the Sunday Masses/Liturgies.
  • Arrive about 15 minutes before Mass/Liturgy to put on alb and agree to various assignments.
  • Help clean up for about ten minutes after Mass/Liturgy.
  • Willing to be flexible during special masses/liturgies, and special requests from the priest/presider.

Requirements and Skills Needed

  • Youth who have entered the fifth grade or older.
  • Altar servers are always reverent and prayerful, and are encouraged to sing!

Amount of Time Required
Altar servers should plan on spending 90 minutes each time they serve.

When Ministry is Performed
Altar servers serve approximately once a month. Each server is assigned to a team and the teams rotate through the Sunday Mass schedule (which includes the Saturday, 5:00 p.m. Mass).
Scheduled services are for our Sunday liturgies. However, students at Holy Family School serve at the 8am daily Mass.
Some altar servers with additional training serve at funerals, weddings and other special liturgies.
A four month schedule is e-mailed three times a year. Weekly emails remind servers of their assignments. The Worship Office makes a special effort to schedule family members to serve together.

Length of Commitment
One year or several years.
Training for Altar Servers are two initial 60 minute training sessions.  Other sessions may be held throughout the year, generally held Sunday afternoons or at the availability of the coordinator.

Regarding the Ministry Contact
Fr. Albert Bahhuth



To express your interest in becoming an Altar Server, please complete and submit the Altar Server Volunteer Form .

Altar Server Schedule      
Please refer to your Altar Server Ministry Schedule for your assigned Mass. If a change needs to be made, please find a replacement and contact Erin Lima.  In compliance with Safeguarding the Children, we do not post the schedule on line to protect our young people.

Regrading the Schedule Contact
Erin Lima
Worship Office Assistant
(626) 403-6143
Erin is available during the week. On weekends, please contact the front desk, (626) 799-8908.

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