Missionary Disciples Corner

What is a Disciple? A disciple is one who follows or a student of a teacher, leaders, or philosopher.  In our case we follow Jesus the greatest teacher, leader, and philosopher.  As Roman Catholics we are disciples of Jesus.  With that comes many invitations.  Remember the calling of Simon Peter to follow Jesus (Matthew 5:1-11) ? Peter and his clan were tired after spending the night unsuccessful at catching any fish.  Jesus gives instructions, Peter and the other fishermen followed …

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Encounter Jesus

Small groups are made up of individuals who have discovered Jesus and are ready to commit to structured and deep transformation as a disciple pursued with other disciples. We have ongoing formation such as Bible Study, Faith Sharing Groups, Parish Retreats, or Perhaps you’d like to join our process to become a Catholic.

Proclaim Jesus

We believe the health of our Church is measured by its capacity, to serve others. Our goal is that every member would be a minister and every disciple a missionary.

Celebrate Jesus

On the Pathway, Disciples share in the Sacraments of the Church. Many disciples serve the others by becoming Liturgical Ministers.

Discover Jesus

COME EXPLORE Life’s Big Questions What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose? What will make me happy? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions, Alpha is a unique event for people from diverse backgrounds to come together and share their thoughts, opinions, and experience wrestling with life’s big questions. Read, Watch, Listen, Study Jesus

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