Recent Deaths in Our Holy Family Community

When a death occurs, please call the Pastoral Center. We want to be there for you at this very human, very sacred moment. We are blessed as a community when a family or friend comes to us to join them in their prayer and celebration of the life of a loved one. Those making funeral arrangements are asked to make an appointment with a member of the funeral planning ministry team.

Mission Haiti

Mission Statement: Mission Haiti experiences the vitality and love of Jesus Christ by reaching out beyond our community and sharing Christ’s presence in the impoverished communities of Haiti. Click here to watch the Current Haiti Video Donate Contact Information: Mary Mather Nally – Bulletin Articles Mission Haiti, News – March 5, 2024 A message from Doug Campbell  What God will I follow?     “It’s easy for God to ask me to follow His way … it’s easy for Him, …

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September 2021 Discipleship Letter

Dear Parishioners, What a year it has been for our world and what a year it has been for Hands Together and Mission Haiti! In February, we lost our beloved and inspirational Karl Holtsnider to whom we owe gratitude for being the force behind the creation of Mission Haiti twenty years ago. Karl traveled to Haiti many times carrying his camera and notepad to bring home to all of us the realities of life in Haiti. We stumble now without …

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Funeral, The Rite of Christian Burial

Recently Deceased and Funeral Information Just like baptisms and marriages, so at death: The rites of a community serve several purposes. They convey a great deal about how death is understood in the group, and about what relationship there is between the living and dead. They may also convey the meaning of this individual’s life. The rites will handle the time of transition from life with this person present in the community to life with this person absent. This recognizes …

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