Education/Formation Commission

– The Education/Formation Commission supports all levels of religious education; encouraging all to participate in life-long spiritual formation through community-wide catechesis.

Administration Commission

– The Administration Commission lends expertise, advice, and practical assistance in providing stewardship of physical assets, overseeing parish operations, and providing assistance and support to the staff and other commissions on an as-needed basis. The commission carries out its activities through subcommittees. Ministries to which the Administration Commission lends direction are listed under Ministries.

Worship Commission

– The Worship Commission seeks to encourage full, active, conscious participation of the whole community at worship to help connect faith with life. This Commission coordinates all aspects of prayer and liturgy in the parish. It provides direction and vision for what the parish seeks in communal worship.

Community Life Commission

– The Community Life Commission is committed to providing a welcoming, hospitable atmosphere throughout the parish community. The commission fosters interaction and communication among parish organizations, encourages broad-based parishioner involvement in parish life and ministry, and promotes opportunities for community building.

Outreach Commission

– The Outreach Commission provides servant leadership for all parish groups and ministries that reach out beyond the people who come to church, fosters cooperation and sharing of resources among groups, and sets visionary goals in keeping with the core values of our parish.

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