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VOLUNTEER for Holy Family 

Where is God calling you?

Join the fun, join the family, come and volunteer!

It’s easy to forget that an integral part of our faith and our relationship with Jesus Christ is communion with others, especially in service. Your participation is not only welcome at Holy Family Parish, it is vital to our mission.

Every single person sitting in our pews has a role here and we invite you to share yourself with your church.

Whether you are interested in teaching, gardening, outreach to the poor, Mission Haiti, Fair Trade, lecturing, bible studies, baking, event -coordinating, leadership, writing, photography, filing, childcare, counseling, collecting cans, scouting, praying, singing, dancing, yoga, balloon art or just about anything else you can think of or wish to contribute, there is a place and need for you and your special skills at Holy Family.

Volunteer Spotlight: Tina Forrestel

To volunteer, click here.

There are always a myriad of volunteer opportunities at Holy Family Parish and many of them are ongoing, but there are also occasions when temporary or urgent volunteer needs come up – these are highlighted below:

“The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand” Volunteers needed NOW for:

1.  Eucharistic Ministers– Have you ever considered sharing the Body and Blood of Christ with worshipers at Holy Family?  This is a beautiful Ministry open to anyone with a willing heart who is a fully initiated Catholic (has made all of the sacraments) and who understands that God is truly present in the Eucharist in  a unique way. Minimal training provided. More information…

2. Holy Family Greeters– Imagine every single person entering Holy Family for mass on Sunday being personally welcomed with a smile and word of greeting.  Your friendly greeting could make all the difference to a person deciding to come back to their faith or to come back to Holy Family.  For more info: click here

Soup ‘n Cinema
Visual Artists

Adult Education
Bible Study
RCIA (adults, teens, children)
ReMembering Church
Spiritual Direction

Beautification Ministries
Church Environment
Building & Maintenance
Garden Ministry
Environmental Ministry

Children’s Ministries
Altar Servers
Boy Scouts
Cub Scouts
Liturgy of the Word for Children
Religious Education Program
Sunday School

Computers & Technology
Information Technology 
Database Committee
Media Resources Team
Video Ministry/ Holy Family Productions

Administration Commission
Community Life Commission
Outreach Commission
Worship Commission

Community Care
Dolores Mission 
Eucharistic Ministers to the Sick
Friends Who Care (Funeral Receptions)
Get on the Bus
Giving Bank 
Referral Ministry
Restorative Justice
Safeguard the Children
St. Vincent de Paul Society

Catholic Communications (Toastmasters)

Global Impact
Fair Trade Ministry
Mission Haiti
Social Concerns

Financial Ministries
Discipleship Committee
Finance Council
Scrip Committee

Friend & Fundraisers
Divine Dinners
Fair Raffle

Continental Breakfast
Hospitality Ministry 
Welcome Center

Commission Chairs
Pastoral Council

Life Groups
Career Networking Group
Filipino Catholic Association
Italian Catholic Federation
Kindred Spirits

Men’s Groups
Men’s Reading Group
Holy Family Men’s Club

Music Ministries
9:30 Choir 
11:15 Choir
5:30 Life Teen Choir

Prayer Groups
Blessed Mother Prayer Group
Block Rosary & Divine Mercy Prayer Group
Prayers for Children

Sacramental Ministries
Baptism Ministry
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
Sacramental Life Committee
Wedding Coordinator

Senior Adults
Pastoral Care

Support Groups
Divorced and Separated
LGBTQ Support Group

H.F. School Board
H.F. School Legacy of Learning
H.F. School Parent Guild
H.F. School Principal

Women’s Groups
The Women’s Connection
Women’s Reading Group

Altar Servers
Eucharistic Ministers
Liturgical Ministries
Liturgy Reflection Committee
Ushers (adult & youth)

Teens & Young Adults

Teen Confirmation
Young Adults
Youth Ministry

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