Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council ensures that Holy Family Church continues as a vibrant Catholic community in 5, 10, and 25 years.

About the Pastoral Council
The Pastoral Council is the chief advisory body to the Parish Life Director for planning, providing overall vision and direction to the parish. Within the context of servant leadership and extensive consultation, the Pastoral Council seeks to answer such questions as: Who are we as a parish? What is our unique identity in the diocesan and universal Church? What are our priorities? The Pastoral Council is also responsible for making strategic plans which result in the commitment of major ministerial and/or financial resources. A consensus style of operation is paramount in the Pastoral Council, though all decisions are ultimately the prerogative of the Parish Life Director.

Part of the role of the Vice President of the Pastoral Council is to approve applications for new ministries. We recognize that parish life is ever-changing and we are committed to an ongoing assessment of our community needs and being responsive to those needs. Accordingly, a new ministry must be approved by the Parish Life Director (PLD), the Vice President of the Pastoral Council, and also the Commission to which it will belong.

Pastoral Goals 2018-2023

Pastoral Council Minutes

Pastoral Council Minutes – 06-23-21

Pastoral Council Minutes 01-27-21 & 3-21-21

Pastoral Council Minutes 06-24-20

Pastoral Council Minutes 07-22-20

Pastoral Council Minutes 10-26-20

Pastoral Council Minutes 11-18-20

Pastoral Council Minutes – 05-27-20

Pastoral Council Minutes 10-19

Pastoral Council Minutes September 2019.pdf

Pastoral Council Minutes July 2019

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes 7-25-18

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes 5-23-18

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes 3-28-18

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes 2-28-18

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes 1-25-18

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes 11-29-17

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes 10-25-17

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes 9-12-17

2019-2020 Members

    Maxine Liggins, Chair and Outreach Commission Rep.

At large members:

(not pictured)              Steve Carroll

Holly Caruso

Joan Ervin

Kendrick Kwock


Gloria Lopez

(not pictured)              John Sanchez

Tina Tran

Commission Liaisons to Pastoral Council:

(not pictured)              Julia Scalise, Admin/Educ. & Formation Commission Rep.

Ex-Officio Members:

Erin Arnold, Holy Family School

(not pictured)       Mary Schimmoller, Holy Family Pastoral Staff and Community Life Commission Rep.

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