Please click the following links to download the pdf files. 

  1. Opening Prayer for Caring with Faith
  2. Beatitudes for Friends of the Aged
  3. HFC Welcome Letter to Caring with Faith
  4. Prayers from Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities
  5. What is Hospice?
  6. Glossary of End of Life Terms
  7. What is Anointing of the Sick
  8. Anointing of the Sick – Handout from US Conference of Catholic Bishops
  9. Six Teachings Every Catholic Should Know About End of Life Issues and Care for the Dying
  10. End of Life Issues – Spiritual Values
  11. Offering Spiritual Support for Family or Friends
  12. The Unexpected Spiritual Journey of Illness
  13. Cultural Humility and Compassionate Presence at the End of Life
  14. Being with the Dying
  15. The Cost of Dying – It’s hard to reject care even as costs soar
  16. My Faith – What people talk about before they die
  17. Acknowledge Suffering
  18. Five Wishes
  19. Donate Life
  20. Sample Document of Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  21. Sample Document of Advance Health Care Directive
  22. Sample Document of Alternate Form of Statement of Desires
  23. Sample Document of Religious Statement – Catholic Patients
  24. Reflections on the Body, Cremation, and Catholic Funeral Rites
  25. Catholic Update – End of Life Moral Issues
  26. Catholic Update – Cremation: New Options for Catholics
  27. The Church and Cremation
  28. Archbishop’s Invitation Letter to Catholic Cemeteries
  29. Catechism of the Catholic Church ( Second Edition )
  30. HFC Funeral Planning
  31. HFC Funeral Preparation Planning Sheet
  32. HFC Funeral Mass Planning Form
  33. Preparing a Catholic Funeral by Rev. Kenneth Koehler ( Third Edition, Updated & Expanded )
  34. Presentation for Financial Planning by Scott K. Laudeman, CFA
  35. Presentaion for Practical and Legal Issues by Vanessa Terzian, Elder Law Attoney



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